Veteran Special in Oklahoma



  • 2 and 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom units
  • Range/oven, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher included
  • Washer and Dryer hookups in every unit
  • All electric, energy-efficient units
  • Smoke-Free Housing
  • Some units reserved for seniors, disabled persons, veterans or widows/widowers of veterans and Active Guard and
  • ROTC who are not full-time students
  • Handicap accessible units available
  • Tornado Shelters
  • Grounds maintenance and snow removal provided

For more information on the Magnolia Ridge Apartments and the veteran special call: 405-714-9046 or toll-free at 1-800-378-9366.


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Meet Barbara, the first resident at Goddard Senior Homes! Barbara was up until recently working as a substitute teacher in Goddard Public Schools. She has been living in Goddard for most of her life. Barbara is incredibly excited to be part of the new Goddard Senior Homes community.

Meet Sharon, one of the first residents to move into the new Goddard Senior Homes. Sharon can’t wait to start her new journey in life.  Sharon is extremely excited to be living in Goddard and looks forward to being able to stay close to her children and grandchildren.


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If you have a Community Building in your community and want to rent it out for an event contact Peggy at the main office. You can contact Peggy at 402-434-3344 or 1-800-378-9366. 


For regular maintenance issues contact Excel at 1-800-378-9366 or

For emergency maintenance issues that happen beyond Excels regular business hours (M-F: 8 am – 5 pm) contact Excel at 402-525-3226 or email

*Except for emergency repairs, Excel will provide the tenant with 24 hours written notice of entry.

**Please notify the Property Management Company immediately of needed repairs including, but not limited to: dripping water faucets; running toilets; defective appliances or heating and cooling system; broken windows; water leaks of any kind; or any other defective part of the premises.

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