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EXCEL Development Group has developed over $200 million in affordable housing community properties. Clients served consist of housing authorities, community development organizations, private investor groups, and investment banking firms. EXCEL’s experienced financial staff has assisted owner groups and Boards in making the critical go, no-go decision based on detailed and accurate market analysis and financial forecasting. The market analysis and financial forecasts provided by EXCEL are also key in raising equity investment and obtaining long-term financing. EXCEL Development Group brings extensive knowledge of and experience with development of high-quality market rate, mixed-income and affordable housing, multi-layered financing, construction management and partnership building with neighborhood organizations and government entities.


EXCEL Development Group is a full-service development and property management firm, specializing in Low Income Tax Credit Housing. With more than 25 years of successful experience, EXCEL has developed in excess of 1500 units in four states. The Property Management Project Administrator visits all sites on a quarterly basis. Some visits are scheduled and some are unscheduled “surprise” visits. Our management philosophy is a very “hands-on” approach. EXCEL Development Group is very proud of its Resident Selection Criteria. Each applicant must meet selected benchmarks in order to qualify for housing, therefore taking the guesswork out of the manager’s hands. At any time that there are questions regarding tenant qualifications, EXCEL’s Director of Affordable Housing reviews each individual case. EXCEL Development Group is committed to the highest standards of professionalism in the property management industry. Staff from EXCEL’s Affordable Housing Division attend professional conferences that are related to low-income housing tax credit compliance on an annual basis. EXCEL’s management staff subscribes to several trade journals in order to stay abreast of any regulatory or tax code changes. It is through these practices that EXCEL Development Group has gained the respect of its associates in the housing industry.


EXCEL Development Group has extensive experience marketing both rural and urban low-to moderate and mixed-income rental housing units throughout the Midwest. Many strategies employed by EXCEL Development Group are used to not only increase market awareness but also strengthen brand recognition, thereby providing a solid base from which to build opportunities in newly defined markets. Many of the segments that we enter have untapped potential due to diverse populations that are currently under-served. This experience has made EXCEL Development Group a market leader in developing and marketing affordable housing in rural and urban areas. Marketing to diverse socioeconomic groups has provided EXCEL Development Group with the skills necessary to address many of the challenging issues that can become problematic during a typical sales and marketing cycle. Through these experiences, we have developed many tools that allow EXCEL Development Group to not only strategically market but also to collect data concerning the process. This information is then gathered, analyzed and used to enhance ever-changing processes to ensure the highest level of efficiency while producing the greatest return. EXCEL Development Group continues to market to all ethnicities, families with various dynamics, various age groups, including the elderly, and individuals with disabilities. EXCEL has built its reputation on serving the whole community from affordable housing to retirement and assisted living. All programs and strategies utilized by EXCEL start with the significant understanding of each market segment, competitors, influencers, decision processes and segment specific benefit analysis. This data is crucial to developing appropriate campaigns and outreach programs.

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