Safety Reminders

By Pat Lefler

Some safety concerns were repeatedly observed during the recent inspections. Please consider this letter a reminder of commonly noted safety concerns and to regularly check the following:

  • Electrical Panel Access – Please keep a clear path to your electric panel in the event you need to access the panel in the dark.
  • Blocked Egress – Please keep the windows and doors free of obstruction in the event of emergency exit due to fire or other hazards.
  • Use of Deadbolt Locks – Excel highly recommends that you consistently use the keyed deadbolt locks on all the doors of your home. The deadbolt lock system is more secure than the passage lock system on the door knob.
  • Window Locks – Excel highly recommends that you consistently use the locks on all windows of your home to increase security and ensure the window is tightly closed to improve emergency efficiency.
  • Replacement of Light Bulbs – Please replace the light bulbs as they burn out.

If you are in a rent-to-own home, please remember to also check the following:

  • Furnace Filters – Change your filter regularly either monthly or quarterly depending upon the type of furnace filter purchased.
  • Smoke Alarm Batteries – Please replace the smoke alarm batteries at least annually.

We appreciate your courtesy and cooperation during the inspections. Thank you in advance for your efforts as we partner together to keep you, your personal property and home safe!

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