9 Tips for a Successful Picnic

The sun is shining and everyone wants to head outdoors. Everything seems to taste better outdoors, so why not enjoy a picnic?  Here are some tips for a successful picnic

1. Make it Interesting

Make picnic foods interesting and easy to eat – think finger food. Salad in boxes takes up too much room, instead stuff pita bread with goat’s cheese and handfuls of salad – two in one.

2. Things to Possibly Avoid

Think twice about bringing ice cream, sticky puddings, and cakes – they are fragile to transport and wasps and other insects love them.

3. Make it Simple

Ensure all picnic foods are simple to transport and are not too heavy to carry. Some picnic spots are isolated with a long walk to reach them. Opt for paper or plastic plates and cutlery: also easier to carry.

4. Make it Few, Make it Well

Prepare just a few things and do them well. To ease up on the cooking visit your local deli and then add a few homemade goodies.

5. All at the Same Time

Choose foods to serve all at the same time. The fun of a picnic is to spread all the food on the blanket or picnic table and everyone enjoys helping themselves.

6. Plan Carefully

Plan carefully how much food you may eat. Take too much and you have to carry it all back.

7. Keep it Cool

Use cool bags or small picnic coolers. Too big a cooler can be hard to carry. Those with rollers are perfect. Coolers will keep food at the correct temperature to help avoid any risk of food poisoning.

8. Think Smart and Make it Easy

Put small bottles of water, tea or juice in the freezer for a few hours before the picnic if you have time. These can then double-up as chiller-blocks to keep food cool and when you reach your picnic spot, the drinks will still be cold.

9. What You Must Take

  • The sun may shine take sunglasses and sun block.
  • Napkins or hand wipes, bugs love sticky fingers.
  • A good, reliable bug spray, just in case.
  • Bags to take all your rubbish home. Make sure the perfect picnic spot remains a perfect picnic spot.

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