Fall/Winter Maintenance Tips

Fall/Winter maintenance tips to help you achieve better enjoyment and cost savings from your home:

  • Unhook all outside hoses
    • Your outside frost-free spigots on your home are designed to allow all water to drain from them when there is no hose connected. If water remains in the spigot it could freeze over the colder months and will leak the next time you turn on the spigot. This could result in damage to your personal belongings and the carpet and drywall in your home.
  • Make sure windows are closed and latched
    • Sometimes it’s not easy to get the upper portion of your window closed all the way. This leaves your window partially open and will allow cold air drafts into your home. That means your furnace/heat pump will have to work even harder to keep you warm.
  • On sunny days, open your window coverings
    • Let the sun naturally heat your home and flood your home with sunlight. This will reduce your heating costs and brighten your day at the same time!
  • Be prepared for a Midwestern storm
    • We all know the weather could change while you’re reading these tips. Be prepared by gathering items you might need if you were without power for a few days. A kit containing non perishable food, water, a flashlight, batteries, and cards or games for entertainment are good basics to have on hand.

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