Beat The Gloomy Weather Blues

Fall is here, this means cold, cloudy and rainy weather all month long. Has this cold weather been having you feel a little down lately? Below are some of the tips on how to beat the blues… They may be small changes you can make around the house, but they can make a huge difference so they could be worth the try.

  • Brighten up the indoors! Opening blinds and sitting near windows can be a real mood changer.
  • Try eating some chocolate. It can improve blood pressure and brain function as well as reduce risk of heart disease. What’s not to love?
  • Exercise! We all know there are benefits to exercise. Doing it under bright lights improves general mental health, social functioning, depressive symptoms, and vitality.
  • Get your groove on! Listening to upbeat music improves mood in both the short and long term. There are plenty of feel-good playlists you can find on Spotify out there.
  • Plan a vacation, even if you don’t actually take it. It can significantly improve overall happiness.
  • Volunteer! Helping others can greatly improve life satisfaction. This is what we call the Givers’ Gain.

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