Your Electrical Panel

Greetings All,

I would like to take the time to talk about your electrical panels. Most of your panels are in the garage of your unit. Some of you have them in the back hallway. They are gray in color and control all of the power in your homes. If you lose power in a room or area of the home, the first thing you should check is if you’ve tripped a breaker. This generally happens due to a power surge and in this case, the breaker is doing the job it was designed to do, which is protect you and your electrical appliances from damage. If a breaker does trip it will look different than the others – slightly off center. All breakers are intended to be tightly bunched at the center of the panel. If a breaker is tripped it must be completely shut off before it can be reset. If a breaker is located on the right side of the panel as you are looking at it, the breaker must be completely shut off to the right. Wait a few seconds and then push it back to the left/center. It will click into place. If it is on the left use the same process but to the left and than back to the right/center.

As a side note, does it get any better than spring blooming and baseball starting? Hope you all have a great spring!

Patrick Lefler

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