Snow Removal

As winter approaches we should review what happens when it snows! When you hear it is going to snow two inches or more, please move your cars into the garage and off of the street. Please avoid driving on fresh snow unless absolutely necessary so it does not pack excessively.

The service will remove snow from the main sidewalks, driveways, and the walkway at the front of your unit. The back walkways and patios will not be cleared. As diligent as our snow removal vendor is, there will be times when they can't get to our development immediately. They will not being removal until the storm ceases. Please be patient as they will get to us as soon as they can.

You may want to keep a small broom and a little concrete safe ice melt on hand for the winter. The wind does blow in Nebraska, and we can be assured that after the walkway in front of your home is cleared that the wind will blow snow back against your door. Please use extreme caution during the winter months when going to the mailbox and taking out your garbage.

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