Cheryl’s Story

Jasmine Court (Cushing, OK)

Cheryl - resident at Jasmine Court

Cheryl lives at Jasmine Court in Cushing, OK. Cheryl was living her best life when all of a sudden her mother became ill a few years ago. When Cheryl realized her mother was sick she dropped what she was doing and moved to Cushing, OK to help her mother. At the time, Cheryl’s mother was taking care of Cheryl’s sister’s children as her sister was unable to take care of the children. Sadly, this past summer her mother ended up passing away. Cheryl then was put in charge of raising the kids. Cheryl has always found ways to keep the children safe and happy and Cheryl was so happy to discover the new affordable housing in Cushing, OK called Jasmine Court. Cheryl can’t say enough how helpful Excel Development Group has been as she makes this enormous transition. Cheryl is also very thankful for the Sac and Fox Tribe, which she belongs to, as they have been an enormous help when times have gotten tough. Excel Development Group is glad to have such a wonderful woman join the Jasmine Court Community.

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