Randel & Cinda’s Story

Goddard Senior Homes (Goddard, KS)



Meet Randel and Cinda, new residents at the Goddard Senior Homes in Goddard, Kansas. Randel and Cinda just moved to Goddard last month. Before they moved to Goddard they were living in a trailer that had a lot of issues. When finally, they couldn’t keep up with it any longer. Among those issues were things like the shower, Randel had to carry his wife, Cinda, in and out of the shower every day because she wasn’t able to get in and out herself. But now, thanks to their new home, Goddard Senior Homes, Cinda no longer needs to be carried in and out of the shower as the shower is a roll-in shower. Randel and Cinda love their new home and are grateful for the attention of detail Excel Development Group made with the home, especially the shower. Excel Development Group is proud to be able to make Randel and Cinda’s lives easier and more comfortable.

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