Just What is a Maintenance Emergency?

Before you pick up the phone to call our after-hours emergency maintenance team at Excel Development Group, please take a moment to review what constitutes a maintenance emergency:

• Water leaks that can’t be contained until normal business hours.

• Broken locks or lockouts, if both door locks will not function.

• Gas leaks.

• A clogged toilet, if you have only one bathroom and you cannot unclog yourself.

• No air conditioning, if it is warmer than 80 degrees outside.

• No heat, if it is colder than 50 degrees outside.

If you are experiencing no electricity or no water, please contact the local utility as we have no ability to resolve those issues.

All other maintenance issues should be reported to our Maintenance Manager at 1-800-378-9366.  While these routine problems are inconveniencing they should not tie up our emergency service.

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