August Maintenance Tip

Hi, Patrick here again. I just wanted to touch on a few pest control issues with everyone. After our pest control companies are done spraying for bugs at each complex it is not uncommon to see spiders emerging. After the bugs in the home are dead it is like a free buffet line for the spiders. They don’t even need to make a web to eat. I just wanted to remind everyone to make sure you clean up any dead bugs you see to help prevent spiders from coming into your home.

Also, West Nile virus among mosquitos usually peaks right around Labor Day. This virus is found in all the states we have properties. I wanted to remind everyone to take precautions this time of year to help prevent any issues.

Fall is arriving now. It’s time for some cool nights, changing colors and some football.

Talk to you next month.

Patrick Lefler

Maintenance Manager

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